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In every gangster’s life there comes that moment of clarity where he realizes that he is part of something bigger than himself. Something that could remake the world in a new, anarchic vision. The BLEEDOUT is coming and it brings some serious changes to Sunrise City. Are you ready for the New Age of Ruin?
You better get ready fast, because the BLEEDOUT Expansion drops on Monday, Nov. 29 with the new Episodic Gang Land Campaign premiering on Saturday, Dec. 4.
What kind of changes are in store for the gangsters of Sunrise City? We’ve already shown you images of how the lobbies have changed, but the New Age of Ruin is more than just a new look.
The Episodic Gang Land Campaign is the highlight of the November update. With the first episode premiere set for Saturday, Dec. 4, players will descend into the madness of the story behind Sunrise City and the catastrophic environmental disaster that brought the gangs to power.
This 10 episode story arc is played out through a series of challenging PvE missions as players explore the tangled web of connections among the leading factions of Sunrise City. Players will have to fight, sneak and coerce their way through multiple mission types to find the truth behind the BLEEDOUT and their place in Sunrise City.
Each episode unlocks one week after the players start the previous episode. If a player starts episode one on launch day, Saturday, Dec. 4, Episode 2 unlocks on Saturday, Dec. 11. Players open the campaign through the BLEEDOUT Campaign ticket.
 The first ticket will be delivered free to all players on Dec. 4. Deluxe and Premium players get every episode for free. Free to Play users will have to buy episodes 2-10 for 40 Gold Bars each. Users who come in late will be able to use the BLEEDOUT Fast Forward ticket to catch up with their friends. Players can team up to take on many of the missions in groups.
We’ve also added a difficulty setting for PvE matches that players can access through the ESC menu. By clicking on Options and choosing Game, players can choose Easy, Normal or Hard with scaling rewards. Having played on Hard, I can tell you that it’s only for the most hardcore gangsters of Sunrise City.
A new instanced warzone, Belly Street, has opened up in the Downtown lobby, but you have to earn the right to fight there by unlocking it over the course of the Gang Land Campaign. Belly Street is a tight, deadly maze of pallets, burned out cars and road dividers with a ton of cover and few long sightlines. Once it’s unlocked by completing the BLEEDOUT campaign mission, you’ll be able to play Riot, Shootout and Snatch and Grab PvP matches in Belly Street.
In addition to the landscape changes and the BLEEDOUT campaign, we’ve also added Boosts and themed Gear Packs for players specializing in the Tech Weapons to the Black Market along with specialized BLEEDOUT campaign items. One of those optional features is a Black Book that players can use to accept and complete BLEEDOUT missions remotely.
Other changes include coming in the update include:
  • VIP room missions - The player will receive a VIP mission from a stripper after the third dance sequence in a single VIP room session. Players receive high-quality loot for the VIP missions.
  • Players can purchase different vendors in Gang Hideout
  • Characters can switch weapons when rolling
There are also a host of smaller changes that you’ll be able to read about when the full patch notes go up on Nov. 29.

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